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Manufacturer & Exporter of all kind of Artistic, Marble Murti , Statue, Bust, etc.

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we provide best deal, at reasonable price. Stay with us & get adorable marble art.


Mishr Moorti Bhandar is successfully emerged as a leading manufacturer , exported and supplier of the Marble Murties, Statues company, since 1986 in India. All across the globe we have shown enthusiastic work for our clients. we give our best in making yours' marble statue/murti. Our Statues/Murti are very appericiated by customers.

We make all types of marble murti of all religion god/goddess, human statues in half/full size(in any size which you wants), different animal arts, we also makes specific unique art/model/design/statue on the basis of your description.

We have worked also for Birla Mandir(Calcutta,India) all the Pat Moorties (24*7 ft Mahabharat Geeta Updesh, Rashella , Dropatichirharan 8*4 ft) are made by our company in 1996 and many more.

About Our Products

We give curving/designs to your products in very expertise manner. For converting block of stone to yours product thier many process which your product goes through them.

Stepwise Process of Making Marbles Products:-

*note: For Human statues or any specific art, first we make your design/statue into clay model after passed/selected by you,after then we make into marble.

Delivery : we delivere your product at your destination(if possible).


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